BratBiggsIn 2014 Tea Party darling Dave Brat was elected to represent Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. Little did we know that we’d be replacing Eric Cantor with a paid shill for the ultra conservative The Heritage Foundation and ALEC. Literally, his endowed position in the Department of Business and Economics at Randolph Macon University was paid for by a BB&T grant under then CEO John Allison to promote Ayn Randian Objectivism under the guise of “Moral Foundations of Capitalism.” The $500,000 grant was one of many contributions given by BB&T and the Koch Foundation to promote conservative ideology in university classrooms across the United States. Find more information about the Koch problem at Universities by visiting UnKoch My Campus or read Jane Mayer’s revealing book Dark Money.

Since his election Dave Brat has found a group of like-minded alt-right comrades in the House Freedom Caucus. Under Obama, they prided themselves as “The Party of NO” and continue to disparage any idea that does not devastate people and the planet as a way to reach the elusive, dystopian corporate wet dream called “Free Market Capitalism.” “Free Market Capitalism” makes as much sense as Brats’ frequent cable news word salad, but that doesn’t keep these guys from marketing it every chance they get. 

Since the election of Donald Trump, Dave Brat has unabashedly embraced the trainwreck that is the Trump administration.  He never misses an opportunity to ding perceived opponents who range from Obama and Clinton, VA Senators Warner and Kaine and even his own constituents!  Here’s an analysis of how closely he cleaves to the Trump agenda.