Virginia’s 7th Congressional District has a vision for progress. And, that progress doesn’t include Representative Dave Brat and his regressive political agenda. Concerned Citizens unite in their belief that all people are created equal and, as such, deserve equal access to high quality public education and affordable, safe, comprehensive health care. 

VA 7th For Progress is a local, grassroots federal SuperPAC and contributions are not tax deductible. The organization is affiliated with VA 7th USA, a 501c4 non-profit organization. Contributions to VA 7th USA are not tax deductible. VA 7th For Progress and VA 7th USA are run by creative, motivated volunteers who believe hope and change are possible in VA. Proceeds to VA 7th for Progress will cover minimal operating expenses and aggressive social media and advertising campaigns that highlight our need for better representation. Contributions to VA 7th USA will cover basic operational expenses and advocate for progressive legislation, promote education about legislation and our Member of Congress in the community, and service action projects that improve the lives of VA 7th District residents.