What Brat Said Weeks 14-17. 2018

April’s theme was the growing recognition of how increasingly vulnerable Dave Brat is in the upcoming mid-term elections.  The conservative Washington Times’s article cites several academic and political operatives, stating that “He now has a political fight ahead of him.” Dave Brat slammed by Opponents for losing touch with Constituency

And then there’s this WaPo piece: Is it Dave Brat’s turn for a shock?   Humorously summarized here by the DCCC:  ShotChaserLime

As best summarized by former VA GOP head Shaun Kenney, “Instead of mending fences, all he has done is pour napalm on the fences and roast marshmallows over the remains,” Kenney said.

On April 23, Brat appeared on the John Frederricks radio show and once again brought up the fact that the main stream media does not report on the Congressional Progressive Caucus Budget that has no chance of seeing the light of day in a Republican controlled congress.  Why keep waste time with this when there’s so many more important issues affecting VA07 constituents?  He also stated that the tax cuts would pay for themselves when the economy is growing at 3$, which he stated it was and that you never here from the main stream press.  Recent data from the Commerce Department adjusted Q12018 states that the economy is growing at 2.3%.

He also discussed Emmauel Macron’s visit and how he is trying to employ economic reforms by saying let’s fix this as opposed to THE LEFT in the US who just want to add more to a failed system.  It should be noted that many Democrats talk about fixing the AHA and that France has a universal health care system cited by the WHO as the best in the world at an average cost that’s less than the US.

Most disturbingly, he has been taking talking points from Tucker Carlson by stating we are not 100% certain that Assad was behind chemical attacks and so he should listen to constituents on how they feel about intervention in Syria sans AUMF.  Are we ever 100% certain about this sort of thing?  Why the interest in listening to constituents on this particular issue?

Additionally, Dave visited an economics program at Pocahontas and Brookland Middle Schools in Henrico county where he stated that he was given the opportunity to discuss economics and civics.  What he left out was the the students had earned an achievement and that Henrico has a very strong program teaching economics to the students.  Why make it about himself and leave out a nod to the other politician in attendance BOS Frank Thorton?

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