What Brat said weeks 7-11, 2018.

Feb. 7.  Brat again pivots to attacking Democrats when asked if he would support taxpayer funding for a military parade.  Pay for Parade?

March 2. An astute constituent discovered that Congressman Dave Brat’s campaign Twitter account had liked many controversial posts, including one that accused David Hogg, a Parkland School shooting survivor.  Brat’s office responded by removing all likes going back to August.  They released a statement saying that the tweets were liked by a staffer her thought she was using her personal account. “Dave did not approve the “liking” of these tweets, not would he have approved of liking the question about Mr. Hogg.” the statement read. “As has consistently been his position, neither Dave not his staff, support any alt-right views or individuals.” The statement went on to say that safeguards were being put in place so that this doesn’t happen again.

March 8.  WaPo article that discusses reasons Brat may be vulnerable in Nov. 2018 election. Brat Vulnerable?

March 9.  The Lee Brothers Radio Show.  When asked about Blue Wave coming, Mr. Brat responded “Keep talking about voting for Dave Brat.  Its all about me. . .”

March 14.  GOP’s side war on complacency.  Guess who’s one of their targets? Brat on GOP complacent list

March 16.  The day Dave Brat normalizes the Trump presidency.  Chedder

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