What Brat said (& did). Week 3. 2018

1/15/2018  Martin Luther King Day.  The day after giving an interview to The Daily Caller, a web publication that has posted articles by Jason Kessler, the White Supremacist who organized Charlottesville Neo-Nazi rally, Brat posted an appeal on his FB page to heed Dr. Martin Luther King’s call to replace hatred and racism with love.  Then he went to the VA State Senate Committee on Courts and Justice to congratulate them on not passing a Universal background check bill. BackgroundChecks

Then he spoke at pro-2A rally organized by VA Citizen Defense League and said:


Earlier in the day, he did his weekly constitutional w/ John Fredericks.  He repeated his same talking points from CIS about DACA and immigration leading to 8 billion people wanting to come here.  He said he gets fact-checked by NY Time (actually it was Politifact – operated by the Tampa Bay Times), but that NY Time published same data.  Then went on to say that its an “amazing strange day in leftist media land.”  He also said that it was Durbin and Graham fault that Goodlatte’s bill was not being moved forward.  He ended with “THE LEFT wants a fantasy-land where they say Judeo-Christian tradition doesn’t work, rule of law and police are bad, and free markets and business are bad.  Americans need to start processing what THE LEFT (which I guess is different from the violent alt/hard left mentioned earlier) is saying.  Maybe, but we are processing what you’re saying and a lot of it is insulting.  We know you went to seminary, taught econ for 20 years, have all the answers, but constantly degrading THE LEFT is intellectually dishonest.

Tuesday, 1/16/18Could be a record in terms of media appearances in one day – 5!

Fox News. Highlights:  Repeated oft-spouted line about From Trump all the way through Bernie . . .  New line of attack on Senate:  “Senate has rolled us on everything this year.”  The Durbin bill w/ Lindsay Graham for example is not only DACA, its DACA+ and the folks at home should get ready if they have their way.  Get ready how one wonders?  Refugee camps?  White folks doing lawn work? 7-11 closings?

When asked about his 2018 mid-term elections, he replied, “There’s definitely a wave coming.  A wave hit VA.  We have to get our act together.”  Interviewer said, “And they’re coming after you hard.  We’ve looked at all the ads and a lot of people want your seat.”  check for yourself here:  Dave looks nervous at the end.  Fox News Interview

CNN, interview with John Berman and Poppy Harlow.  I TAUGHT ECON FOR 20 YEARS.  WI worked at the World Bank, with the poorest of the poor, sub-saharan Africa.  It was just Martin Luther King.  (yes, that was an utterance, no transition phrase)  If you go to London now, Paris, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, they’re being devastated.  They have total chaos.  They have parts where the police can’t go.  We’re approaching that, right.  We have sanctuary cities.  We have states where the law doesn’t apply anymore.  We’re seeing the beginning trickles of the European End Game.  When people see what its like not to live with police in their communities, they’re not going to like that.

Sandy Rios, American Family Radio.  Big new player on the block that the American people aren’t seeing is the Senate.  If Democrats are involved, you’re going to end up with a Lindsay Grham/Dick Durbin bill that doesn’t do anything and the American people and Republican Party will be in peril if we do that.  Need to push Goodlatte bill – its got an end to chain migration.  This is the compromise.  Those bipartisan bills are not bipartisan, they’re Democratic bills.  Also, we’re increasingly seeing the addition of the made up word “plussing up”, which made an appearance here and in last few interviews.  “plussing-up” is usually used in reference to the military or CR bill. 

When asked to comment on his own upcoming race in 2018, he acknowledged that 3 HofD districts flipped in his district, as well as Chesterfield county.  Said “hopefully blue wave will start to subside (once benefits of tax bill hits people’s pocket book). “We’ve got to do more.  That’s why I’m emphasizing the failure of the Senate.”

The Wilkow Majority.- Sirius XM  Introduction of nickname “Dicky” Durbin.  another appearance of “Plussed it up”.  “Senate rolled us” makes another appearance.  Democrats are all about identity politics.  Repeated Politifact disproved hyped up DACA plus numbers 800,000 leads to 5 million.  Went back to his talking points about how India and China have grown through liberalization of free markets.  Said Democrats are trying to “out-moralize us”  The only thing they (Democrats) won’t do is capitalism.  The left is horrified that people are getting rich.  Our cookbook is better in every way.   The eponymous “Left” that Brat always speaks of makes many appearances in this interview.  No citations on where the point that THE LEFT is horrified about people getting rich.  Actually I think that’s the goal for all. . . .

Kennedy – Fox Business.  Basically same talking points.  Blames Senate for everything.  “Face plant” and “Plus-up(is it hyphenated?” make appearances.  Continues w/ the use of moniker “Dicky” for Dick Durbin.

WVTF-Radio IQ:  RadioIQ



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