What Brat Said. Week 2. 2018

John Fredericks Show, Tues. Jan.8, 2018.  After discussing how the government is going to fund itself, via CR or shutdown, the conversation turned to DACA.  He acknowledged that the DACA deal needed to be a bipartisan solution, and that they needed 8 Senate votes.  He intimated that because they needed those votes to pass a budget, those senators held disproportional power and said “this is not what you learned in 8th grade civics class.”  He then went on to call it the “illegal DACA’s” path to citizenry.  He stated that it was a $30 billion dollar bill that would increase entitlements and put pressures on schools.  He repeated the Politifact debunked talking point that if 800,000 DACA people are allowed in the country that will lead to chain migration of 20 million people and send a green light to the 8 billion people of the world who want to come live here.  I have never seen a citation that the good people of Luxumburg are chomping at the bit to move to the US.  He also discussion labor participation shortage, which is a real problem, but not necessarily for the reasons he cites:  able-bodied people need to get off welfare and work.  Other analyses has found that the opioid crisis is one of the driving forces of low labor participation rates.  When asked if he would compromise on DACA if the bill contained funding for a wall, he replied only if chain migration is ended along with the lottery system.

He then went on one of his new talking points that the MAIN STREAM MEDIA is not reporting on migration crisis in Sweden, France and the Netherlands, because they are leftists and 90% of them donated to Hilary.  Also threw in his opinion that THE LEFT has taken a HARD LEFT turn.  He also denounced the Senate as having a “cult-like” affinity for rules.

He gave himself credit for getting out to all 10 counties in the 7th and said that everyone is hiring, but HE TAUGHT COLLEGE FOR 20 YEARS and the kids don’t have the skills for the jobs.

He also stated that he only likes to do live interviews because after he upset Cantor he talked about the minimum wage for 20 minutes and all his talking points got clipped.  Apparently doesn’t seem to get the back and force of a free press.

Washington Journal, C-Span, 1/9/2018.  Repeated line that the US has $21 trillion in debt on the backs of kids – who don’t have lobbyists in DC (Apparently, he unaware of https://twitter.com/LittleLobbyists which was formed to save ACA funding for medically fragile kiddos)

Repeated talking point about need for welfare reform to entice “able-bodied” people to re-enter workforce.  Also repeated false DACA narrative?CIS report that if given a path to lawful standing, it would lead to 5-6 million people coming here, which, in turn, would displace 5 million potential American workers.

Need to get in a virtuous cycle.  I TAUGHT ECON FOR 20 YEARS.  Freshman kids don’t know what a business is.

When asked who will pay for the wall.  Brat replied that wall is trivial to welfare payments and that the wall would pay for itself over decade or so.

Bloomberg Politics 1/9/2018.  When asked if he could support DACA alone, Brt replied that the fundamental problem with that is that you send a green light to 8 billion people making $10,000 to come here and make $50,000.  When asked, “You don’t want DACA recipients to stay here?”  He replied, its not just about DACA.  You have to have a national system.  You keep coming back to welfare reform.  Tone is changing.  Able-bodied.  Entitlements are crowing out infrastructure.  When asked about riff between Trump & Bannon, he replied “yeah, well its been heard loud and clear.  It was 3 years, then it continues all the way through Bernie to Trump.  Blah blah.

Response to Trump shithole comment.


Cheddar, 1/13/2018  “I just copy the geniuses.” “The animal spirits are cranking.” For real.

Daily Caller, 1/13/2018.  Acknowledged that if Republicans don’t do a better job “framing” the environment and going on offense, all of American will see Blue Wave in 2018.  Also, this: DailyCaller

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