What Brat said. Week 1. 2018.

Brat started out the week, like he usually does, talking to John Fredericks on his radio show.  Here are a few excepts:  Cited immigration statistics from the Center for Immigration Studies, an organization that is anti-immigrant and publishes specious studies according to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Center_for_Immigration_Studies;

He stated labor market was in “chaos” due to “huge welfare problem” of able-body people basically sitting on their asses collecting up to $40,000/year.  However, SNAP benefits are extremely limited for people who are not disabled.  A simple google search will turn up a more nuanced reason male participation rates are low-the opiate addiction crisis.

When asked about whether he was going to have more town halls, he basically blamed his favorite bogeyman, “the left” for taking over town halls, but that he will try to have some.

When asked about Trump’s recent nuclear button comparison tweet w/ North Korea, he replied, “Well, we have to be very careful and professional in our rhetoric as leaders, etcetera.  At the same time, the left has been wrong on everything.”  You can visit other blog post about his insightful comments on Food Security at a recent NAACP meeting.

Stay tuned for a weekly round-up of Davisms! Culminating in him bringing his whole lexicon of word salad to a new occupation Nov. 7, 2018.

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