Dave Brat wants to take a lie detector test. About his relationship w/ Richard Spencer. At a meeting about Food Security.

Congressman Dave Brat spoke at a NAACP meeting in Henrico recently.  The evening’s topic at hand was Food Insecurity.  To that end, Terence Walker w/ the VCU Ram Pantry address the issue as the first speaker.  Then 7th district Congressman Dave Brat spoke.  But not about Food Insecurity.  Take a look and see:

As a reminder, Brat sent several 7th district constituents this letter dated August 4, 2017, a week before Neo-Nazis descended on Charlottesville, wreaking havoc, killing Heather Heyer and injuring dozens.  Mr. Brat had the opportunity, in advance, to disavow Richard Spencer and his fake “Institute”, but declined.  For someone who continually talks about attending Seminary (2 times in this video!), and the importance of ethics, his training did not, provide him the moral clarity to simply denounce this person – which a google search would reveal is a no-brainer.Spencerletter

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