The Year That Was in Dave Brat Quotes

Our own Congressional District Representative doesn’t exactly have the rhetorical flair as his puppeteer, Donald Trump, but he certainly used his limited lexicon to grab media headlines during 2017.  Brat gleefully slings his usual talking points on the flawlessness of free markets and the sins of the Democratic party – Progressive Caucus Budget, anybody?  What’s baffling is his silence around the lack of moral leadership demonstrated by the Republican party on certain topics.  There was no statement condemning Roy Moore, no statement denouncing Trump’s degrading comments about certain women, the press, international and national institutions, and white nationalism.  For someone who never misses an opportunity to bemoan the lack of ethical training in students and the low level of discourse in our civil discussions, this silence is more than telling.  Brat often uses his attendance at Princeton Seminary to give himself a standing to lecture others about ethics.  VA07 constituents are smart enough to see through this superficial veneer of morality masquerading as care.

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