Rep. Brat Pays Protester to Troll & Intimidate Constituents

Dave Brat is a hypocrite! Brat has consistently called his detractors “paid protestors” while paying Texas media consultant Sarah James over $100,000 to manage his entire media campaign, which included divisive posts on Brat’s behalf. Brat is aware that in her spare time James also “trolls” his constituents on his campaign page using her personal FB profile. James insults, demeans, and threatens constituents using her personal FB account while also posting as Brat. The campaign page does not disclose that posts and comments by Brat are by James or that James is paid by the Brat campaign.

According to VA 7th USA, “while Brat and James’ actions are technically legal and protected by the First Amendment, they represent poor moral judgement and a low ethical standard. …These tactics are aligned with Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election and it will not be dismissed, ignored, or tolerated.”

So, Congressman Brat, who’s the troll now?


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